Sunday, June 16, 2019
Around the World These 10 Popular Haunted Places Will Terrify You

10 Popular Haunted Places Around the World Will Terrify you

Everything is not like the way we see or think. So, there are many popular places in this world meant to be haunted that you might never think. It may be presidential palaces of Columbia...
Haunted Places in Kolkata

Most Famous Haunted Places in Kolkata

Do you know there are some terrible haunted places in Kolkata? In this article, you will find a list of these places where supernatural power exists. Kolkata is the capital of the Indian state of...
Most haunted places United Arab Emirates Huanted (UAE)

5 Most Haunted Places In United Arab Emirates (UAE)

One of the most advanced and touristic countries is the United Arab Emirates. This country’s many places have terrifying stories and haunted incidents. These...