Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Story of Kuakata- The Haunted Beach

Surreal Stories of the Haunted Kuakata Beach – The Daughter of the Ocean

Some people often say spooky stories about haunted Kuakata sea beach. Surprised? The beautiful Kuakata has a dark side that people don't know because of the enormous beauty of the daughter of the ocean....
Dhaka Airport Road Haunted by Lady Ghost

Haunted Dhaka Airport Road – Mysterious Lady Ghost

In Dhaka airport road, A lady ghost often appears and freak out the driver. Want to know more details about this haunted highway? Go through this article.Not only in natural and calm places, Ghosts...
New moon black dogs aliapur village, Bangladesh

Dog Squad: A Popular Horror Myth about Aliapur Village, Bangladesh

Have you ever heard about ghost dogs? Maybe, Yes. But, The horror story about the black dog squad in Aliapur village in Chuadanga will surely give you goosebumps.In Bangladesh, There are so many horror...
Haunted House of Dhanmondi 27 in Dhaka City of Bangladesh

Haunted House of Dhanmondi 27 in Dhaka City

An apartment in Dhanmondi 27 seems haunted by an evil power. In Dhaka city, there may be many other haunted houses and apartments. But, This one is famous. Let's go through this article to...
Paranormal Incidents of the Haunted Sundarbans

Largest Mangrove Forest Sundarbans’ Paranormal Incidents

Have you heard of Sundarbans? It is famous for its natural elements and the Royal Bengal Tiger. Still, This forest haunts people minds with some paranormal stories. This article is about "the haunted Sundarbans."Sundarbans...
Dragon’s Triangle - Devil's Sea

Exploring the Enigmatic Dragon’s Triangle – Pacific’s Very Own Bermuda Triangle

If Bermuda Triangle’s spookiness prevents you from voyaging across the Atlantic, there is every reason to avoid the Pacific too. The deadly Dragon’s Triangle has so far claimed enough lives and ships to repel...
The Haunted Clinton Road

The Haunted Clinton Road – The Highway to the Hell

Clinton Road it is, by far, one of the most mentioned roads when it comes to telling horror stories. Hundreds of stories are spread over the internet and around many campfires in many places.New...
Mysterious Lake of No Return- India’s Very Own Bermuda Triangle

The Intriguingly Mysterious Lake of No Return- India’s Very Own Bermuda Triangle

As if one Bermuda triangle wasn’t enough to give us goosebumps, there is another scary place claimed to be one. It is the Lake of No Return that is also nicknamed as India’s Bermuda...
Demon Paranormal Activity Dhanmondi

Paranormal Activity or Technical Issue – Haunted Dhanmondi

If anyone asks you to tell about a haunted place in Dhanmondi, probably, you will talk about the apartment of Dhanmondi 27. But, There are other eerie places that we don't know. Today, You...
Haunted and Mysterious Bridge

The Slapping Bridge Where People Get Slapped

The world is mysterious. There are so many weird things happening around us. But, Some of them represent the existence of supernatural power. The slapping bridge situated at Shariatpur, Bangladesh is one of them.Shariatpur...
Top 10 Haunted Places in Bangladesh

Top 10 Haunted Places in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is well known worldwide because of its natural beauty and gifted arts and crafts. There are numerous places in the country that will...