Thursday, June 4, 2020
Dhaka Airport Road Haunted by Lady Ghost

Haunted Dhaka Airport Road – Mysterious Lady Ghost

In Dhaka airport road, A lady ghost often appears and freak out the driver. Want to know more details about this haunted highway? Go through this article. Not only in natural and calm places, Ghosts...
the 47/2 Haunted House Farmgate, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Is The 47/2 House of Farmgate Really Haunted?

You have already heard of many popular haunted houses. In Dhaka city of Bangladesh, there are numerous haunted houses. But, People know about a few of them. The 47/2 House of Farmgate is one...
Goat like ghostly creature in Abkhazia featured

Terrifying Ghostly Creature of Abkhazia: A Horror Story

In our parallel world, we often encounter such things that have no scientific explanation. You may have an experience that still haunts you. But, Some mysterious and dangerous creatures that appeared in Abkhazia from...
The Haunted Foy's Lake - The Haunted Beauty of Chittagong

The Eerie Foy’s Lake – The Haunted Beauty of Chittagong

A lake which is a hot tourist spot. In daylight, its an attraction. But, When sunlight starts to fade away, those attractions begin turning into fear. It's the reality of the haunted Foy's lake....
The Haunted Suicide Forest: Aokigahara, Japan

The Horror in The Haunted Suicide Forest: Aokigahara, Japan

The Aokigahara forest, more commonly known as the Suicide Forest is a creepy place filled with horror and one of the most terrifying places on Earth.  This spooky forest is also known as the...
Paranormal Incidents of the Haunted Sundarbans

Largest Mangrove Forest Sundarbans’ Paranormal Incidents

Have you heard of Sundarbans? It is famous for its natural elements and the Royal Bengal Tiger. Still, This forest haunts people minds with some paranormal stories. This article is about "the haunted Sundarbans." Sundarbans...
Haunted Places In Hong Kong

Top 10 Haunted Places In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the east and west meeting place blending with China. It is mainly situated on the southeast coast of China. Economically it is the international business hub and doorway to China and...
Haunted Places in Kolkata

Most Famous Haunted Places in Kolkata

Do you know there are some terrible haunted places in Kolkata? In this article, you will find a list of these places where supernatural power exists. Kolkata is the...
Lalbagh fort at haunted night

Lalbagh Fort – A Historical Haunted Place in Bangladesh

Lalbagh Fort is one of the most famous historical architectures in Bangladesh. It is located in Old Dhaka. This fort is also known as a haunted place. There are so many myths about this place....
Haunted and Mysterious Bridge

The Slapping Bridge Where People Get Slapped

The world is mysterious. There are so many weird things happening around us. But, Some of them represent the existence of supernatural power. The slapping bridge situated at Shariatpur, Bangladesh is one of them. Shariatpur...
Top 10 Haunted Places in Bangladesh

Top 10 Haunted Places in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is well known worldwide because of its natural beauty and gifted arts and crafts. There are numerous places in the country...