Saturday, May 9, 2020
Illuminati- A Secret Society or Conspiracy Theory

What is the Illuminati- A Secret Society or Conspiracy Theory?

Whenever we hear the word Illuminati, a number of things cross our mind. New world order, Bilderberg, celebs, politicians, witchcraft, conspiracies, and many other things instantly hit us. But, have you really tried to...
Mysterious Abandoned 'Ghost Ship' Found

Mysterious Abandoned ‘Ghost Ship’ Found in Myanmar Coast

Another ghost ship! An abandoned ship found in Thongwa, Myanmar is now a hot topic. But, What's behind it? A mysterious ship "Sam Ratulangi PB 1600" was floating near the coast of Myanmar's commercial capital. Locals...
Some Evidence and Real-Life Yeti Experiences

Does Yeti exist? Some Evidence and Real-Life Experiences

Many people feel scared of the Himalayas specifically the region between Nepal and Tibet? Locals out there speak quietly and avoid leaving home during nighttime. Perhaps, it’s the huge ape-man Yeti that scares people...
Another Universe in the Hollow Earth

Is There Another Universe in the Hollow Earth? Who Lives There?

From ancient times, people have liked to believe in the unbelievable. We simply cannot feel content with what is visible to the naked eye. We want to know more about the hidden secrets of...
Dragon’s Triangle - Devil's Sea

Exploring the Enigmatic Dragon’s Triangle – Pacific’s Very Own Bermuda Triangle

If Bermuda Triangle’s spookiness prevents you from voyaging across the Atlantic, there is every reason to avoid the Pacific too. The deadly Dragon’s Triangle has so far claimed enough lives and ships to repel...
The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle – An Unexplored Region or the Devil’s Dwelling?

It’s spooky, paranormal and unbelievably abnormal… It’s the Bermuda Triangle!
Chupacabra: A Mystery Beast

Chupacabra: A Mysterious Beast, Vampire or Just an Urban Legend?

Legends of blood-sucking monsters are a mandatory part of almost every culture. In a similar manner, American folklore is incomplete without the mentioning of Chupacabra, the mystery beast. Chupacabra has remained an object of...
Mermaid - Beauty with Beastie Habits

Mermaid – Beauty with Beastie Habits – Is it Real?

Imagine you are sitting at a secluded portion of the seaside, enjoying the calm and serene environment. Suddenly, you feel that there is some movement in the waves and then emerges a stunningly beautiful...
Legends of The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman – A Ghost Ship with a Terrifying Curse

Remember the Flying Dutchman that appeared in the year 2006 released Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as Davy Jones’ ship? You may not know but it is inspired by a real-life legend. There...
Mysterious Lake of No Return- India’s Very Own Bermuda Triangle

The Intriguingly Mysterious Lake of No Return- India’s Very Own Bermuda Triangle

As if one Bermuda triangle wasn’t enough to give us goosebumps, there is another scary place claimed to be one. It is the Lake of No Return that is also nicknamed as India’s Bermuda...
Top 10 Haunted Places in Bangladesh

Top 10 Haunted Places in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is well known worldwide because of its natural beauty and gifted arts and crafts. There are numerous places in the country...