Haunted House of Dhanmondi 27 in Dhaka City of Bangladesh

Haunted House of Dhanmondi 27 in Dhaka City

An apartment in Dhanmondi 27 seems haunted by an evil power. In Dhaka city, there may be many other haunted houses and apartments. But,...
Some Evidence and Real-Life Yeti Experiences

Does Yeti exist? Some Evidence and Real-Life Experiences

Many people feel scared of the Himalayas specifically the region between Nepal and Tibet? Locals out there speak quietly and avoid leaving home during...
Paranormal Incidents of the Haunted Sundarbans

Largest Mangrove Forest Sundarbans’ Paranormal Incidents

Have you heard of Sundarbans? It is famous for its natural elements and the Royal Bengal Tiger. Still, This forest haunts people minds with...
Another Universe in the Hollow Earth

Is There Another Universe in the Hollow Earth? Who Lives There?

From ancient times, people have liked to believe in the unbelievable. We simply cannot feel content with what is visible to the naked eye....
Teenager Fell in Love with a Creepy Zombie Doll

Teenager Fell in Love with a Creepy Zombie Doll and Adamant to Marry Her

We know zombies are fictional characters, mostly found in horror and fantasy movies. We all enjoy watching zombie movies, don’t we? But have you...
Dragon’s Triangle - Devil's Sea

Exploring the Enigmatic Dragon’s Triangle – Pacific’s Very Own Bermuda Triangle

If Bermuda Triangle’s spookiness prevents you from voyaging across the Atlantic, there is every reason to avoid the Pacific too. The deadly Dragon’s Triangle...
The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle – An Unexplored Region or the Devil’s Dwelling?

It’s spooky, paranormal and unbelievably abnormal… It’s the Bermuda Triangle!
Origins of the Days of the Week

Origins of the Days of the Week – History Behind Their Names

A week is a time unit consisting of seven days recycles in order. The idea of the week came in the ancient times. Ancient...
Do Vampires Exist

Do Vampires Exist? Where They Live and What They do?

Vampire is a very common word among the horror movie lovers. In some romantic films, the vampire is also a common character. There have been...
Chupacabra: A Mystery Beast

Chupacabra: A Mysterious Beast, Vampire or Just an Urban Legend?

Legends of blood-sucking monsters are a mandatory part of almost every culture. In a similar manner, American folklore is incomplete without the mentioning of...