Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Paranormal Incidents of the Haunted Sundarbans

Largest Mangrove Forest Sundarbans’ Paranormal Incidents

Have you heard of Sundarbans? It is famous for its natural elements and the Royal Bengal Tiger. Still, This forest haunts people minds with some paranormal stories. This article is about "the haunted Sundarbans."Sundarbans...
Teenager Fell in Love with a Creepy Zombie Doll

Teenager Fell in Love with a Creepy Zombie Doll and Adamant to Marry Her

We know zombies are fictional characters, mostly found in horror and fantasy movies. We all enjoy watching zombie movies, don’t we? But have you ever thought of falling in love with a zombie or...
Do Vampires Exist

Do Vampires Exist? Where They Live and What They do?

Vampire is a very common word among the horror movie lovers. In some romantic films, the vampire is also a common character. There have been thousands of legends and folklore about this bloodsucker human-like creature....
Ghost Appears in Window

Toilet Ghost in the Gazipur Garment Factory

In a garments factory of Gazipur, Bangladesh, a ghost appears in a toilet. A few years ago, this rumor became hot topthe ic in news and social media. What happened that day? Let's go...
Demon Paranormal Activity Dhanmondi

Paranormal Activity or Technical Issue – Haunted Dhanmondi

If anyone asks you to tell about a haunted place in Dhanmondi, probably, you will talk about the apartment of Dhanmondi 27. But, There are other eerie places that we don't know. Today, You...
The Story Behind the Curse of Argentine Football

Curse of Argentine Football – The Reasons They Can’t Win the World Cup

In 1986, Argentina Football team won the world cup for the last time. It has been 32 years. They have not been able to win a single world cup. It may happen. But, Some...
Where Birds Commit Suicide - Jatinga

Where Birds Commit Suicide – Jatinga, The Death Valley of Birds

Have you ever heard about bird's suicide? This weird thing is happening in Jatinga. Locals believe that it is happening for paranormal existence in Jatinga. Let's know about it in details.The world has so...
The Haunted Overtoun Bridge Where Dogs Commit Suicide

Haunted Overtoun Bridge Where Dogs Commit Suicide

Do you know about the mysterious Overtoun Bridge? It has a bad reputation for some unusual things. According to various sources, This bridge invites Dogs and humans to commit suicide. In this article, You...
Balloons - A Different Ghost Story of Dhaka

Balloons – A Different Ghost Story about Some Birthday Balloons in Dhaka

Sometimes, Life may lead you to where you face unusual things. That may destroy the belief you have carried in your whole life from childhood. And it continuously haunts you till death. A few...
Mysterious Creature Juju and Its Haunting Story

The Mysterious Creature Juju and Its Haunting Story

Our today's topic is about a mysterious unknown creature "Juju". There are many creatures in this world. Some we have seen, some we have never seen. Beyond the human imagination, there are some unbelievable...
Top 10 Haunted Places in Bangladesh

Top 10 Haunted Places in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is well known worldwide because of its natural beauty and gifted arts and crafts. There are numerous places in the country that will...